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"Acquiring - (from English. Acquire - to acquire, receive.) Acceptance of payment cards, as a means of payment for goods, works, services.
It is carried out by an authorized Acquairing bank by installing merchants (POS payment terminals, in the case of traditional merchant acquiring, mPOS terminals in the case of mobile acquiring, or imprinter at merchant or service enterprises)"

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An online wallet is a computer program that allows the user to store electronic money and make non-cash payments on the Internet with their help. Online wallet is essentially an analogue of a bank account.

Today, online wallet is an ideal payment tool for those who spend money on the Internet, make online purchases, and for those who earn in it, being a freelancer (copywriter, translator, designer, programmer).With the help of such a wallet, you can make various kinds of calculations using virtual money, which later can be easily and easily converted into real tangible funds and withdrawn either to a bank account or to a plastic card.

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11 facts
about PayForm

Direct international contracts with providers around the World
Partnering with 11 countries - Azerbaijan, Belrussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Russia, USA, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, South Korea
Partnering with banks, self service payment kiosks, aggregators and e-wallets.
The payment organization licensed by the National Bank of Kazakhstan * the reg. number in National Bank of Kazakhstan 02-17-010 from 08,02,2017
Modern technical support and security system
Direct integration with banks of Republic of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
Intergation through reliable API, convenient personal account
Own processing and settlement centers
Fault tolerance
The antifraud


Address: Kazakhstan, city Almaty,Timiryazev street 42, pavilion 15/107, third floor

Phone Number: +7 (727) 318-75-89, Сallback
+7 (727) 318-75-88, +7 (727) 318-75-88

Mail: с[email protected]

LLP "PayForm"
Address: Timirazev street, pavilion 42 15/107 third floor
[email protected]
BIN: 160740012159
Join-Stock Company «Kaspi Bank»
BIN: 971240001315
Beneficiary code 17
KZ15722S000001146403 RUR
KZ69722S000001146401 USD
KZ76722S000001177606 GNY
KZ14722S000001292503 EUR
LLP "PayForm"
Address: Timirazev street, pavilion 42 15/107 third floor
[email protected]
BIN: 160740012159
Join-Stock Company «National Bank of Kazakhstan»
Beneficiary code 17
KZ106017131000023860 KZT
KZ516017131000050864 RUR
KZ166017131000034228 USD
KZ166017131000022200 special account

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